A collection of furniture and accessories inspired by the designs of British Heritage brand Morris + Co. exclusive to Harry Harry Australia. Honouring William Morris' and his values in simplicity, craftsmanship and sustainability, with designs heavily influenced by flora and fauna. 




 Bullerswood Mirror

This eye-catching mirror draws inspiration from the Morris & Co Bullerswood pattern. One of the last patterns William Morris himself designed, Bullerswood was initially imagined as an elaborate woven patterned carpet with birds, stylized flowers, and intertwining arabesques. Featuring hand-bent rattan, available in natural or charcoal painted cane weave details, this mirror is a work of art.

Strawberry Thief Console

The Strawberry Thief Console is inspired by the classic steamer trunk, which gained popularity during the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, just as William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement was gaining traction. As functional as it is beautiful, this exceptional piece provides ample storage and features ornate details such as acacia wood and brass accents.

Strawberry Thief Steamer Trunk

This steamer trunk is a contemporary reimagination of the classic style that first gained popularity during the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, highlighting the internationally recognised Strawberry Thief print inspired by the birds that would fly in and steal fruit right out of William Morris' garden at his home in Kelmscott Manor.