our commitment to the future

We select our materials with the fragility of our planet in mind, and believe
that style and eco-friendly manufacturing practices should never be mutually
exclusive. We source sustainably managed materials like rattan, jute,
FSC-certified teak and mahogany, and prioritize the heritage, ecosystems
and economies of our skilled artisans.



is a fast-growing tropical vine native to the rainforests of Indonesia. Rattan grows up and around trees to provide support for high canopy life, so its symbiotic relationship has been linked to the preservation of the Indonesian rainforest. Rattan is light, bendable and durable, requiring little maintenance. Rattan has been used as an outdoor furniture material for centuries and will maintain its natural color and strength for numerous seasons. Rattan is the material often referred to as cane furniture.


is a 100% biodegradable, rapidly renewable plant fiber that is used worldwide, second only to cotton. Jute plants can grow in just four to six months

without fertilizers or pesticides, and rely solely on natural rainfall rather than
extensive irrigation systems. Jute crops absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at a rate several times higher than trees, and each crop enriches the fertility of the soil for future harvests. Our application of jute on accent furniture,
lighting and mirrors brings a natural touch to décor, and is recommended for indoor use or outdoor on a covered porch away from moisture.


is the strongest and most durable of all hardwoods, making it an ideal indoor or outdoor-suitable material. Because of its natural oils, teak is resistant to rotting, warping, shrinkage and swelling, as well as pests. As teak weathers outdoors over time, the wood patinas from honey brown to a rich silver-grey tone. Our teak is sourced from sustainably-managed plantations regulated by
government, and recommends this material for anyone seeking low maintenance, high-quality indoor/outdoor furniture.