Commercial Office Furniture Systems

Commercial office furniture. space cube desks filing cubes


The Bosse modul space furniture system thrives on its flexibility and adaptability. The same applies to the choice of materials too. For virtually unlimited customisation options, numerous finishes and surfaces are available. From hardwearing melamine or melamine finishes to elegant natural wood surfaces or various types of glass, your personal design idea sets the standards.


Bosse furniture is manufactured in Germany. By experienced workers who believe in the product. The furniture is processed using only exquisite materials which guarantee the long durability of Bosse products.


Bosse develops furnishing solutions of today and tomorrow. Ergonomically intelligent table systems for standing and sitting. Room-inroom systems and acoustic modules to optimize open space office. Or interactive presentation and communication solutions. Bosse is renowned for sustainable innovation.


Inspired by the protagonists of the Bauhaus movement, Bosse has pursued a consistent design philosophy: Reduction to essential and focus on perfection, even down to the finest details. Closed connecting joints, zero-joint technology and high-quality chrome in combination with the finest materials. This is how timeless modern furniture is created.


Bosse modul space impresses with modularity. The high-quality tubes, connectors and panels form the basis of a system of virtually unlimited design possibilities. Changeable and tailormade for every architecture


Expand, divide up, combine in new ways – Bosse modul space can easily be adapted to new requirements thanks to the connector system. Changeable panels, tubes and connectors enable requests for changes to size, material or function to be made at any time. For a lasting use for generations.

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